Understanding Why Raw Politics Exists
Progressive politics are essentially a set of ideals and policies revolving around solving social issues and preventing different forms of disenfranchisement.
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5 Reasons Why CORD Has Failed So Far

CORD Leaders
In her book the ‘Brushstrokes of a Gadfly’, E.A. Bucchianeri says ‘an acquaintance merely enjoys your company, a fair-weather companion flatters when all is well, a true friend has your best interests at heart and the pluck to tell you what you need to hear’.
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Why Raila Is Yet To Be President


It’s a cold Saturday morning and yours truly is at The Milk Bar. Then comes in this guy (he looks distraught), walks straight to where the writer is seated and grabs the next seat.…

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Political Parties In Kenya: Reality Or Myth

Political Parties In Kenya

Assuming you didn’t know, there are 42+ ‘registered political parties’ in Kenya. Kenya has 42 tribes, which means each tribe has their own political party..or something like that. The question therefore, does what we have qualify as political parties or are they tribal bargain tools?…

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4 Political Realities Luos Must Accept


If there is one thing I hate as a writer, it must be writing admonitions…having to reprimand a tribe or an individual. So, believe me when I tell you that I hate being the bearer of this message.

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A Brief Look At CORD’s Achievements 4 Years Later

CORD's Achievements

Now that it’s apparent CORD is being folded to usher in NASA, it’s only fair we reviewed the opposition coalition. Let’s look at what the principals achieved through CORD. Now, before you slap me with tired escapist lines like ‘we are not in government..so you can’t gauge us’, let me remind you that ( thanks to devolution) implementation of party manifesto isn’t the preserve of the ruling party alone.…

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