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  • Political Parties In Kenya
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    Political Parties In Kenya: Reality Or Myth

    Assuming you didn’t know, there are 42+ ‘registered political parties’ in Kenya. Kenya has 42 tribes, which means each tribe has their own political party..or something like that. The question therefore, does what we have qualify as political parties or are they tribal bargain tools? Is this what the ‘second liberation heroes’ fought for? Is...
  • TJRC Report
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    How To Handle Historical Injustices In Kenya

    Kenya, like any other country, has a dark past she is struggling to erase. I’m not taking about crimes committed by the colonialists, but those perpetrated by Kenyans against Kenyans. I’m speaking to historical injustices in Kenya, where individuals and communities have suffered unfairly under the past regimes. I’m alluding to the shocking deaths of...
  • Raila
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    Why Raila Is Yet To Be President

    It’s a cold Saturday morning and yours truly is at The Milk Bar. Then comes in this guy (he looks distraught), walks straight to where the writer is seated and grabs the next seat. I’m scared, from past experience, I can’t afford not to be. He then speaks out…Some forces (he claims) have conspired to...
  • Luo Unity
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    Luo Unity: What It Should Mean

    Let it be noted from the onset that yours truly is not against Luo Unity. He just doesn’t buy into what is being peddled currently. As things stand, our unity is not of purpose, but one anchored on the inapt craving to be under one tribal leader. I still don’t know why Luos tend to...