The Politics Of Betrayal In Homabay

They say there are no permanent enemies or friends in politics. Well, I think it was time politicians stopped hiding behind such sayings to excuse betrayals and embarrassing inconsistencies. Let’s take a brief look at the just concluded Homabay gubernatorial election; a neck to neck race between the incumbent, ODM’s Cyprian Awiti and Hon. Magwanga (who ran independent). People took sides based on interests, beliefs and political grudges. It is normal in politics, so that’s not the concern here…

As you know IEBC declared the incumbent the duly elected Governor for Homabay, a declaration Magwanga has rejected. While Hon. Magwanga is yet to file his petition, he has openly expressed his willingness to challenge Awiti’s reelection. That alone should have kept his lieutenants and financiers closer…may be to brainstorm on how best to challenge Awiti’s reelection. If indeed they believed in Magwanga and what he represented. However, that’s not the case. There are a number of professionals, who openly supported Magwanga and even swore never to associate themselves with Awiti’s corrupt government, but who have shamelessly changed tune…singing Awiti’s praises today as they lobby for positions.

Their candidate, Magwanga, is yet to throw in the towel yet they are already abandoning his ship for Awiti’s. Imagine

  1. A top Kisumu businessman who supported and financed Magwanga is now lobbying for his wife to be the Homabay county assembly speaker as he sings Awiti’s praises.
  2. Top Homabay party official who refused to identify with Awiti before the nominations and whose husband stuck with Magwanga is now lobbying for her cronies to be considered in key positions.
  3. Another businessman from Homabay forwarded a list of six top positions he wants to go to his Kanyada clan.

Is this taking advantage of opportunities or cold betrayal and lack of principles? I know politics is about interests, but should you pursue your interest knowing well that it will lead to the continued suffering of thousands? I mean, why support the incompetent Awiti (someone you swore never to work with) just because you want a position at the County Assembly? Team Magwanga, is this how you planned to change Homabay? By being complacent? How disappointing!

Samson Ogola
Samson Ogola has asked repeatedly to be called “His Royal Awesomeness,” but no one listens to him. So, he settles for Founder of Raw Politics. Poor man. ;-). Anyway, I make sense for a living.

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The Politics Of Betrayal In Homabay

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