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  • Odingaism
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    Understanding Odingaism: The Ideology

    You might have been wondering why the Luo community is becoming more and more radicalized against certain people and hostile to their own with divergent ideas. Well, today we look at the cause of the above symptoms i.e. Odingaism. You’ll learn why a fairly intellectual community like the Luos have, for close to 50 years,...
  • Double Standards on ODM
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    Instances Of Political Double Standards In ODM

    A visit to Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) website will leave you inspired. It’s filled with messages of hope and love for country. ODM, to a stranger, is the party to join as it captures the aspirations of all Kenyans. As the Eternal Party Leader puts it: If they believe in defending the Constitution, they belong...
  • Raila
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    Why Raila Is Yet To Be President

    It’s a cold Saturday morning and yours truly is at The Milk Bar. Then comes in this guy (he looks distraught), walks straight to where the writer is seated and grabs the next seat. I’m scared, from past experience, I can’t afford not to be. He then speaks out…Some forces (he claims) have conspired to...
  • Uhuru's Anti-corruption plan
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    Uhuru’s War On Corruption

    I know now is not the best time to write anything positive about Jubilee Government, let alone President Uhuru Kenyatta’s role in fighting corruption. According to the ‘Public Court’ (whose trials are done on TV, Radios, Newspapers and social media), Uhuru is too incompetent to lead and annoyingly corrupt. And it’s not just the opposition...
  • Luos
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    4 Political Realities Luos Must Accept

    If there is one thing I hate as a writer, it must be writing admonitions…having to reprimand a tribe or an individual. So, believe me when I tell you that I hate being the bearer of this message. Luos, once very rational and hopeful, are today politically frustrated and disillusioned. Most of us want war,...