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  • Political Parties In Kenya
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    Political Parties In Kenya: Reality Or Myth

    Assuming you didn’t know, there are 42+ ‘registered political parties’ in Kenya. Kenya has 42 tribes, which means each tribe has their own political party..or something like that. The question therefore, does what we have qualify as political parties or are they tribal bargain tools? Is this what the ‘second liberation heroes’ fought for? Is...
  • Double Standards on ODM
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    Instances Of Political Double Standards In ODM

    A visit to Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) website will leave you inspired. It’s filled with messages of hope and love for country. ODM, to a stranger, is the party to join as it captures the aspirations of all Kenyans. As the Eternal Party Leader puts it: If they believe in defending the Constitution, they belong...
  • Uhuru's Anti-corruption plan
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    Uhuru’s War On Corruption

    I know now is not the best time to write anything positive about Jubilee Government, let alone President Uhuru Kenyatta’s role in fighting corruption. According to the ‘Public Court’ (whose trials are done on TV, Radios, Newspapers and social media), Uhuru is too incompetent to lead and annoyingly corrupt. And it’s not just the opposition...